Key facets of our business

Safety First

Continuous dedication to prioritising safety in daily activities in the plants.

Energy Security

Both plants provide reliable electricity to the grid (99%), whilst being available (99%) of the time.

Innovative Technology

OCGT technology readily convertible to combined cycle gas turbine technology.

Significant Investment

Plant development was a significant investment of R10 billion to the South African energy sector.


Peaking Power

is designed to help balance the national grid’s fluctuating power needs by supplying additional electricity into the grid when there is a higher demand than anticipated due to a greater need or plant breakdown.

0MW Power contribution to the grid

Supplying electricity to the National Grid during peak demand hours and emergency situations.

0 Workers employed

Highly skilled employees creating a culture of respect, experience and accountability.

R0M + Invested in community initiatives

Consistent investment in our areas of SED and ESD for sustainable support and upliftment.


Open cycle gas turbine (OCGT)

Our Address
Building 1, Ground Floor, Country Club Estate, 21 Woodlands Drive, Woodmead 2052, Gauteng